Saturday, 22 April 2017

Brighton Uni UCU Strike 26th and 27th April

In all the campaigning and organising that needs to be done to kick out the Tories please do take the time to support the UCU at Brighton University on strike this Wednesday and Thursday.
There will be pickets on all the main sites from early morning.  The dispute hinges on union recognition for background to the dispute see the UCU video 
Messages of support for next week would be greatly appreciated and should be sent to
'Solidarity selfies', using the slogan 'Defend union rights. Support Brighton UCU' or something similar, can be posted to
Follow us on Twitter: @BrightonUCU
Members voted by a majority of over three to one for strike action on a high turnout in response to a series of management breaches of existing agreements, followed by a refusal to abide by the disputes resolution procedure.
The University has cancelled promotions to Principal Lecturer, has demoted a number of part-time lecturers to demonstrator status (unilaterally reclassifying lecturer work as demonstrating), and is pushing through compulsory redundancies in a School which has failed to implement a recently signed workload allocation agreement.

When challenged on these issues, the Vice Chancellor said, 'It is the University’s position that it does not require the agreement of the UCU in respect of these issues.' She now wants the UCU to sign away its negotiating rights to a whole range of issues relating to the terms and conditions of academic staff. The plan is clearly to marginalise the union in advance of large-scale job losses and wholesale changes to contracts.

Brighton UCU plans a rapidly escalating campaign of industrial action to confront this threat to effective trade unionism at the institution. Next week's two-day strike will be followed by a three-day strike a fortnight later and further action as necessary.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tory Anti-Union Laws set to be even more regressive than feared

Defend the Right to Strike – Resisting the New Anti-Union Laws
Organised by Brighton and Hove Trades Union Council

Tuesday 21st July 7pm
BMECP 10 Fleet St, Brighton, BN1 4ZE

The announcement today of more details of the Anti-Union laws makes it clear that the legislation, unless we can stop it, is going to be worse than previously feared.

We must organise ourselves to fight these laws and prepare our response to them
We must push our leaderships into action

We have a range of speakers from the movement to kick start a discussion on organising and resisting.
I hope to see you there.

Phil Clarke
Secretary Brighton, Hove and District Trades Union Council
Updated list of attacks planned on our movement

A 50% turnout threshold on all ballots

An additional threshold on transport, health, education, fire, energy and other workers where 40% of those issued with a ballot paper must vote yes. Effectively making not voting a no vote

Timeouts of four months on ballots to make unions re-ballot under the above thresholds repeatedly if a dispute is protracted.

The details of strike patterns to be included on the ballot papers so employers can prepare weeks in advance

Two weeks’ notice of a strike to be given to employers

Allowing agency staff to be used to break strikes with a least 2 weeks preparation to hire them

Criminalise effective picketing, require a union official to be responsible for each picket only having 6 people on and allow unions to be fined for not auditing pickets and protests.

Further restrictions on union’s political funds

Limiting the amount of time public sector employees can spend on union work. Effectively removing the ability of union branches to organise its officers in a way democratically decided upon by members.

There is no doubt the government will also continue to encourage the remove payment at source or check off arrangements where union subs are taken out as part of the member’s pay packet.

Our fundamental right to strike and organise is being threatened.
Please come along to help plan our response.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Teachers to Strike on Thursday 25th June at Sussex Downs College against Cuts

Government Cuts to leave Eastbourne with no A-Level Modern Foreign Language provision

Messages of support are really welcomed just email them to

National Union of Teachers members at Sussex Downs College have set a strike date of 25th June against cuts to jobs. This is one of a series of strike dates that the college management have been informed of as teachers stand up to oppose compulsory redundancies and government cuts to education.  

Cuts to Further Education now mean that funding for 16-18 year olds is now 25% lower than those in Secondary Education and the year on year reduction has left Sussex Downs cutting jobs and cutting courses.

These cuts will mean not only compulsory redundancies for teachers and more teachers being moved onto casual contracts without guaranteed hours but also major cuts in courses. For example Eastbourne will be left with no A-Level Modern Foreign Language provision outside of private schools. 

Phil Clarke Secretary of Lewes, Eastbourne and Wealden NUT explained,

“This strike, which could be the first in a series, is to protect our members against losing their jobs and livelihoods.  The hypocrisy of this Government means that while they talk of making Britain globally competitive their cuts will mean you cannot study any A Level foreign language course in Eastbourne as courses are dropped. Our 96% yes vote for action gives us a clear sign from our members that jobs need to be protected further strikes are planned if this is necessary.These strikes are about defending education”

Picket lines will be from 8:30am on Thursday the 25th June at the Kings Drive entrance to the Eastbourne Campus of Sussex Downs College.

The NUT mainly has its members in the Park College section of Sussex Downs. Supporters are welcome at the Picket Line

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Week of Strikes and Protest!

In the coming week join the strikes on Monday the 13th, Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th October fighting for a real pay rise and the TUC demo on Saturday the 18th – ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ 
The Trades Council has organised a train to London on Saturday the 18th so we can all travel up together. To book a seat approach your union branch to see if they have block booked (your seat may well be free) or simply click here
Make sure to get your seat.
Strikes and Pickets
Monday 13th October
Health Workers Strike
Pickets at
Royal Sussex County, Brighton  from 7am
Aldrington House, Hove from 7am
Millview Hospital, Brighton from 7am
Brighton General, south entrance from 8am
Tuesday 14th October
Further Education Lecturers Strike
Pickets at
City College Brighton, Pelham Street 8:30am – 10am

 Wednesday 15th October
Civil Servants Strike
Pickets at
Job Centres, Tax Offices, Courts 6am
Other Important events and lobbies
Sat 11th October
38 Degrees/WDM anti TTIP Corporate Puppet Show
Save our food, Save our environment, Save our public services, Save our democracy!
12 noon, New Road, Brighton
Tue 14th October
Health & Well Being Board Lobby
4pm Hove Cricket Ground
Report on Substance Misuse Service 3.15 Lobby with Unison  against Privatisation
Thurs 16th October
Policy & Resources Committee Lobby
Lobby against contracting out Equipment Service (ICES) and Substance Misuse Service
4pm Hove Town Hall
Delegation, petition & Decision on SMS  3.15 LOBBY with Unison and GMB
Thursday 16th October
The Campaign for Education in Brighton and Hove
“What is the future for Early Years Education?”
6.30pm Room G7 Pavilion Parade University of Brighton
Thursday 30th October
General Election Hustings for Older People.
Organised by National Pensioners Convention
The Brighthelm Centre 6.30pm

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Events List Sept/Oct Strikes, Lobbies + More

As you can see in the list below there is a huge amount of campaigning to get involved in over the next month including both local industrial action with the GMB on strike at Cityclean Monday and national action leading up to the TUC demo on the 18th October.
Please do what you can to support!

Thursday 11th September
Lewes Stop the Cuts Public Meeting No to Bus Service Cuts in East Sussex
Westgate Chapel, 92a High Street, Lewes BN7 1XH

Friday 12th September
Brighton Benefits Campaign Day of Action
11am Brighton Station
In support of the Anti-Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Campaign

Saturday 13th September
War, Peace and Internationalism
Public Meeting with Jeremy Corbyn
2pm Brighthelm Centre

Monday 15th September
GMB Cityclean Strike
Support pickets 6am Hollingdean Depot

Monday 15th September
Lobby Hove Park Governing Body Against Academy Conversion
5.45pm, Hove Park Upper School, Nevill Road, BN3

Monday 22ndth September
Lobby Hove Park Governing Body Against Academy Conversion
This is the final decision meeting so please do try to make it along
5.45pm, Hove Park Upper School, Nevill Road, BN3

Wednesday 24th September
Meeting to launch a local pledge to protect the NHS against privatisation and support action to defend it.
7:30pm at BHASVIC on Dyke Road. Full details are here

Saturday 27th September
Stand Up to Ukip  - Protest Ukip Conference Doncaster
Transport from Brighton available email for details

Saturday 4th October
Keep the Guards on the Train. No rail staffing cuts RMT protest
Southampton railway station 11am

Monday 13th October
Provisional date half day strike by Unison NHS workers
Picket details TBC

Tuesday 14th October
Local Government Pay Strike
Unison, GMB, Unite taking action against derisory pay offer. Pickets + March details TBC

Thursday 16th October
Lobby Brighton and Hove Councillors over in the Policy and Resources Committee over Health Service Outsourcing in the Substance Misuse Services, and Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES)
Hove Town Hall on 16th October at 4pm.

Thursday 16th October
The Campaign for Education in Brighton and Hove
“What is the future for Early Years Education?”
6.30pm Room G7 Pavilion Parade University of Brighton

Saturday 18th October
TUC Demo ‘Britain Needs A Pay Rise’
Train booked from Brighton to Victoria
Contact your union branch in first instance for a seat – individual booking details available asap

Monday, 7 July 2014

Pay Cuts until 2018 - No way!

Join the Strike Demonstration this Thursday
Nationally as many as 2 million workers are expected to strike on Thursday – with Unison, GMB, Unite and PCS being called out over pay alongside NUT and FBU. Already real terms pay has fallen by well over £2000 for most public sector workers and now Tory ministers are talking about maintaining these cuts until 2018. Add to this Firefighters being made to work on the frontline until 60 and with Teachers suffering 60 hour weeks until they are 68 you can see why you should support the strike!

We all need a pay rise - What you can do on 10th July:
All welcome - brings friends and family:
1) Join the Pickets!
GMB on the beach by the big wheel from 4:30am
GMB at the Hollingdean Depot from 5am
PCS on Edward Street (Job Centre and Courts) + from 6am
PCS Hove Job Centre from 7am
PCS Tax Office Upper North Street from 7am
UNISON Brighton Town Hall, Hove Town Hall, Kings House from 7am
NUT BHASVIC from 9am
FBU Hove and Preston Circus Fire Stations 10am – 7pm
2) Join the Demonstrations!
Meet 10am at
Hollingdean Depot, Upper Hollingdean Road
Hove Town Hall, Norton Road
For feeder marches alongside 1000s of Public Sector workers and supporters 
3)  Strike Rally!
Midday at The Level, Union Road