Sunday, 10 April 2011

Our April EC meeting...

Build co-ordinated action to defend pensions

8pm Wednesday April 13

Upstairs at the King & Queen pub, the Old Steine, Brighton

All union members welcome

The Hutton report has signalled the beginning of one of the biggest attacks on public sector workers' rights in the trade council's 120-year history. Workers are going to be made to work longer, pay more and receive less under these plans.

This meeting is being called by the trades council as it sees a co-ordinated defence of pensions across unions as vital if we are to mainitain the provisions we have been promised and fought so hard in the past to achieve.

Speakers from unions who are preparing for industrial action to defend pensions will introduce the discussion. The role of this meeting is to look at practical action that can be taken to work together locally and how we can work in our unions to mobilise them together nationally.

Our regular monthly EC meeting will follow this discussion with agenda items including May Day preparations and anti-racist actions. Spread the word or get in touch via Thanks.