Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The NHS is not for sale! March in Lewes! This Saturday!

[From Lewes Stop the Cuts Coalition]

Will you march through Lewes to show how much you care about the NHS? If not now, when? It’s not safe yet!

10.30am Saturday June 25
Assemble at the Gallops, near Lewes Prison
Rally Lewes Precinct at the end


"The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it" Aneurin Bevan

"This bill whether substantially amended or not is going to alter the face of the English NHS forever." Dr Laurence Buckman BMA

The fight is set to go on. We can't let our guard down before amendments to the act have been put in place. We are the folk with the faith to fight for it. Laurence Buckman of the BMA said this week: "[Andrew Lansley] has still not taken away the duty to promote competition. I want politicians of every stripe to understand that we do not need competition to run the NHS. It creates duplication that is wasteful."

The NHS is not safe by any means and Lewes Stop The Cuts call on everyone who cares about it to take to the streets on Saturday 25th to defend it and all the people who work for it. Bring along friends, family and colleagues and help make this the biggest march in Lewes ever.