Saturday, 23 July 2011

Unite to defend benefits with Brighton Benefits Campaign protest!

Demonstration and Rally Against Welfare Cuts
Saturday July 25
Assemble 12noon The Level
Rally at Churchill Square

As a result of the bankers’ crisis, over a million people lost their jobs. To pay off the bankers’ gambling debts, the government is making massive cuts to public spending that will throw over a million more onto the dole queue.

While the number dependent on welfare increases, the government is implementing major cuts to benefits for the sick and disabled, the unemployed, single parents and those on low wages.

At the same time millions of pounds of public money are being diverted to private companies as our services including health, welfare and education are hived off.

To justify their actions the government is trying to divide the people, painting the unemployed and sick as lazy scroungers. The truth is that welfare cuts – which create misery and destroy lives – amount to many times less than the unpaid taxes owed by fat cat businessmen.

At any time, we can find ourselves in need of help. We must be able to rely on a decent, publicly funded and run welfare system. Public good cannot be served by private greed.

It's time to say NO!