Monday, 1 August 2011

Support striking public sector media workers fighting against cuts and job losses!

Journalists across the BBC are on strike in their second stoppage against compulsory redundancies.

Throughout negotiations with the BBC, the corporation's management has refused to take the necessary steps to avoid compulsory redundancies despite the NUJ offering a range of practical and alternative solutions in an attempt to stop journalists being forced into unemployment. Click here for more info and reports... 

BBC Brighton - "Support for the strike is solid, and there's a great atmosphere on the picket line. Radio Sussex is having to share output with a neighbouring station in order to fill airtime."

Support the strikers - things you can do:

- Visit your local picket line and take pictures and email them in for use on the NUJ website - email:

- Send messages of support (to the same email address as above) to be displayed on the NUJ website

- Donate money to the disputes here

- Invite a striker to address your next union meeting

- Join the facebook group: Support the BBC strikers

- Follow ‘NUJofficial’ on Twitter

- Contact your MP, MEP and local councillors and ask them to urge the government to re-visit the BBC licence fee settlement

- Tell the BBC you support the strike and ask them to engage with the NUJ, go to ACAS and resolve the dispute.