Thursday, 13 October 2011

Defend pensions public meeting! TONIGHT!

7pm Thursday October 13
Friends Meeting House
Ship Street, Brighton. All welcome. Disabled access.

On November 30 Britain could witness the biggest strike by trade unionists in a generation. Come along and find out why those organising against this government's cuts agenda are taking action. Speakers include a striking Southampton council worker, representatives from unions balloting to defend pensions and Brighton Benefits campaign organising resistance to welfare cuts.

Check out this fact-based article for more perspective on the pensions battle:

This is not a pension reform – it is simply a pay cut

Few people understand how pensions work. The government is relying on this in their attacks on public sector pensions. Ministers claim that they are gold-plated, unreformed and unsustainable. The right-wing press join in by saying that it is unfair that private sector workers’ tax should pay for public sector pensions.
Yet what the government is doing is simple. It is asking public sector workers – already facing a two-year pay freeze, job losses and inflation running higher than it has for more than a decade – to make a further, and even more unfair, contribution to reducing the deficit.
They are doing this by trying to impose an arbitrary extra pension contribution of three per cent of pay on the public sector. This is not a pension reform – it is simply a pay cut. Click here to read on...