Thursday, 13 September 2012

Protest Lib Dem Conference Brighton

Meet Midday 22nd September
The Level, Union Road, Brighton

Austerity Government Must GO!

This government has embarked on an unprecedented programme of cuts and privatisation. Schools, Hospitals, Councils, Benefits, the welfare state is torn apart while jobs are lost and pay is cut. 

Debt reduction through austerity in Britain and across Europe has now been proved not to reduce deficits, but it is part of a massive transfer of wealthy from the poorest to the very richest. 

The Lib-Dems prop up a government that has seen the wealth of the richest 1000 people increase by £78bnsince they took office. 

This is the party who pledged to scrap tuition fees and protect EMA, yet EMA has gone and tuition fees have been tripled. 

Join your local trade union and anti-cuts movement Midday Saturday 22nd September at the Level to say no to austerity government and show the Lib-Dems they will not be forgiven for their support for it.