Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Picket anti-union firm!

Brighton and Hove Trades Union Council supports the picket of anti-Union firm Peninsula Business Services taking place tomorrow, Thursday 15 April, at 9.30am outside the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

Tomorrow Peninsula Business Services are holding a seminar, publicity for which asks: "Do you worry about... dismissing that trouble-maker?" ie, union activists. "Staff taking sick days and their SSP rights?" ie, how to avoid paying sick pay. "Not knowing the rights of your pregnant staff?" ie, how to avoid them. "Being threatened with discrimination?" ie, how to avoid discrimination claims rather than how to avoid discriminating.

Bill North, general secretary of Brighton Trades Council, said: "Peninsula defends the worst type of employer and employment practice, providing training on how to cut staff on the cheap, avoid pregnancy rights, beating discrimination claims and how to dismiss trade unionists and 'trouble makers.'

"This is an obvious attempt to provide employers with the means of undermining workers basic rights provided to them by law.

"Companies like Peninsula profit from finding loop holes in the very laws designed to protect workers. Trade unions exist in order to ensure employers meet these requirements, something Peninsula sees as a block on making profits.

"At a time when unemployment is at an all time high, when workers face attacks on their pay and conditions while fearing for their jobs, all caused by the bankers crisis, the last thing working people need are their employers finding new ways to abuse them."

Peninsula has a history of defending employer’s bad practices in tribunals and encouraging discrimination against trade unionists. We call on employers to condemn companies like Peninsula and the practices they advocate. More importantly, workers must organise and get involved in their local trade union to stand up to any attempts to undermine their rights.

For further information please contact Bill North on 01273 679189 or Tony Greenstein 07843 350343.