Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition formed!

Trade unions, parties, community campaigners and volunteer groups formed an anti-cuts coalition yesterday [Monday August 2] to organise a united campaign against job losses and services cuts.

At the meeting called by Brighton, Hove and District Trades Union Council delegates from across the city came together to create the Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition in response to the devastating public sector spending cuts that are already beginning to hit local people.

Representatives from 16 local union branches, health service, benefit, anti-war, anti-racism, unemployed campaigns, voluntary organisations, pensioner associations and student unions were joined by Labour, Green and local Socialist parties to set up the coalition.

The group will be holding a public launch meeting in September to argue the overwhelming case against the cuts agenda and will be actively supporting any union action in defence of their members’ jobs and conditions.

Throughout September the coalition will also be helping to build for a Brighton Benefits Campaign public meeting, attending a lobby of the TUC conference in Manchester calling for a national demonstration against cuts, and organising locally around the trade union called European Day of Action against cuts on September 29.

Phil Clarke, a trades council convener for the coalition group, said: “Public sector spending did not cause the recession and the workers and users of public services should not be made to pay for an economic crisis they did not create. Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition has made a very promising start as a local campaign to protect those services, and we urge local people to join with us.”

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Contact: Phil Clarke