Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Say no to bullying bosses! Support Sam Buckley!

A message from Sam Buckley, victimised PCS rep at Hastings CSA via SERTUC...

Demonstrate Hastings Pier, 1pm Saturday September 18

Dear colleagues

Most of you already know that PCS Branch Secretary at CSA Hastings, Sam Buckley has recently become the fifth branch officer to be sacked on trumped up charges since November 2007 and that several more reps are under threat as we speak. The national union regards this as deliberate union busting and is fully behind the campaign's demands for reinstatement, an end to bullying of staff and reps and a DWP Select Committee enquiry into management at CSA Hastings.

CSA Hastings has become known as "The Bermuda Triangle of the Civil Service" owing to the way that those who stand up to management disappear - so far the Branch has lost a Chair, two Vice Chairs, two Branch Secretaries and a Treasurer (although the Treasurer, Winston Resalsingh, was reinstated in the teeth of stated opposition from Area management and South East HR) This is in stark contrast to how management treat BNP members -local neo-Nazi Frank Swaine has twice been given permission to stand for the BNP in locasl elections, despite Civil Service policy which obliges us all to promote diversity in the communities in which we live and work. Union reps handing out anti-BNP leaflets, by contrast were threatened with disciplinary action and full time union officials thrown off the site by security.

I am writing to let you know that a demonstration in support of these demands has been called backed by National and regional PCS and Hastings and District Trades Council which will assemble at 1pm at Hastings Pier before moving off along the seafront at 1.30pm and marching to the town centre where a rally with speakers will be held.

We are asking that you help publicise this demonstration and the campaign - management are clearly rattled but also eager to consolidate their "victory" as their first move has been to ban the local branch from issuing any leaflets to the members on the subject including outside the building and in their own time. National PCS has pointed out to them that this is both unreasonable and unlawful and has been ignored.

Please let your union branches and political organisations (if any) know about this and please urge them to inform their members. We would be happy to provide speakers to your meetings (although it would help immensely if you could pay the fare) For details about the dismissals, bullying and harrassment in Hastings, messages of solidarity, to become an official sponsor of the march, queries, donations etc please contact Branch Secretary Sam Buckley via

Yours fraternally, Sam Buckley, on behalf of CSA Hastings PCS