Sunday, 19 September 2010

Brighton Benefits Campaign public meeting this Thursday

7pm Thursday September 23
at Friends Meeting House

The Brighton Benefits Campaign has been organising the fight back against the regressive and brutal assault on welfare rights by government since before the general election. It is a vital campaign defending working class communities from the unjustified threat of being made to pay for an economic crisis we did not create with an attack on our already meagre benefit system.

While the capitalist bosses lay off hundreds of thousands to ensure they continue to profit, their representatives in government attempt to seize from us the very hard won rights to a decent standard of living when capitalism fails to provide us work.

Instead of cutting already poverty level benefits, the "welfare" given to the bankers could be reclaimed. The £120 billion annual tax avoidance by the bosses could be collected by not sacking public sector workers who collect that tax.

If the banks and the rich are given their state benefits, then why not us? A massive public investment into council housing building, for example, would provide much needed homes and jobs.

Trade union support and solidarity plays a massive part in the fight against this injustice as the threat of benefit cuts is part of the government's entire ideological attack, on our jobs and our public services, that is aimed at our class - the working and unemployed, pensioners and the young. Come along and here speakers Caroline Lucas MP and chair of Unison Brighton Town Hall branch Andy Richards introduce a discussion on how we can halt these cuts and make the rich pay for their crisis. There is an alternative.