Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Support public sector strike action! Join the pickets, demonstration and rally! Save our pensions!

Teachers, Lecturers and Civil Servants are preparing to take strike action to defend pensions, jobs and pay.

Public Sector spending did NOT cause the financial crisis and the government’s plans to attack our pensions and conditions are NOT about helping the economy. Teachers, for example, are being told they will work to 68+ and pay up to £100 a month more, for a pension worth far, far less.

Yet the Teachers’ pension scheme is NOT in any financial difficultly and the government hasn’t even carried out a valuation of it! Public Sector pensions are NOT ‘goldplated’ – The average Civil Service pension for a PCS member is £4,000 a year, Teachers less than £10,000.

Slashing public sector pensions will not help private sector workers with no pension – in fact it will continue the ‘race to the bottom’. If we stand together across the public and private sector we can say NO to cuts! Coming alone to the meeting on the demonstration on the 30th June Strike day!

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