Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Worthing TUC launched!

[by Richard Jones, CWU]

50 Trade Unionists, representing unions including PCS, NUT, Unite, Unison, GMB, UCU, NAPO, CWU, along with concerned citizens and community activists, came to the initial meeting of the re-launched Worthing & District Trade Union Council which brings together workers belonging to Trade Unions in and around Shoreham, Worthing, Adur and Littlehampton to coordinate campaigns of common interest, and to offer support and solidarity to one another and to the wider community.

Worthing has not had a Trades Council for more than 20 years, and so this new initiative is a highly significant one. It came about from local Trade Unionists working together in local anti-cuts group Worthing Solidarity Network, and the new Trades Council has pledged to help unite workers in the area against the Con-Dem government's programme of austerity measures aimed at ordinary people, from cuts to public services, wage freezes and benefit cuts, job losses, and privatisation.

The meeting was addressed by Laurie Heselden from the South and East Region of the TUC, Hector Wesley from the NEC of the PCS union for low-paid civil servants, and Tom Hickey a lecturer at Brighton University and NEC member of the University and College Union.

A collection was carried out for striking council workers in Southampton, and those in attendance were urged to support the Worthing Trade Union family fun day on 30th June, supporting strike action by NUT PCS UCU ATL - the unions of school teachers and government workers in HM Revenue, Job Centres and courts. (9.30am Steyne Gardens - speeches, info stalls and kids; activities, all welcome).

The Con-Dems are waging an ideological war on working people, but there is a positive to be found, and that is that this government is responsible for the re-vitalisation of the organised Labour movement. Anti-cuts groups and new Trade Union Councils are forming across the country, the fightback is gaining in strength and momentum, Worthing Trades Union Council is proud to be another addition to that list.

Thatcher once said that her greatest achievement was New Labour, Cameron's greatest achievement will be the rise of the re-vitalised Labour movement, his government has ignited a flame that will spread into an inferno of resistance, they will burn. So thanks Cameron, Clegg, Cable et al we couldn't have done it without you! Ring the alarm another Trades Council is rising!