Saturday, 3 December 2011

30th November Public Sector Strike - Brighton United!

A fantastic response to the strike was seen across Brighton and Hove. Across schools, council workplaces, job centres and a multitude of civil service workplaces the strike was solid. At the universities the response was the same, with Brighton University shutting completely for the first time during industrial action together with large pickets on NHS workplaces and across the city.

With an unprecedented level of coordination, three major feeder marches from large picket lines joined with thousands more at Victoria Gardens to form up for the main march. In what the local paper described as ‘Sussex’s biggest ever protest’ the GMB delegation led up to 10,000 strikers and supporters through the city. The atmosphere was lively and determined and many thousands stayed on at the Level to hear speakers from Unison, GMB, Unite, NUT, PCS, UCU, NASUWT, Brighton Benefits Campaign, local MP Caroline Lucas, and a student activist from Sussex Uni. Thanks to support from Unite conferences being held in Brighton this week, strikers were also treated to a rousing speech by a leader of the US Teamsters union. The message of the day was clear; the workers of Brighton and Hove are determined to do what it takes to defend our pensions, and if necessary, strike again.

Unison Deputy General Secretary, Jon Richards, summed it up - “what a fantastic response by Brighton and Hove – second to none”.